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Ranked 4th during the Quirk Apprehension Test. Sports Festival Arc Ingenium vs. Do you like this video? Junichi Suwabe. O Criador. Tenya needs to fuel his engines by drinking orange juice. He hovers a foot or so off the ground and relies on the propulsion from his arms to move at super speed, and has been seen using his Quirk to move faster than cars in a chase sequence. High School. Categorias :.

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Tire a Camada Externa Sep. Entrar Inscrever-se. In their second bout , Tensei eliminated excess weight through the removal of his hero costume's airbags, allowing him to equal the Bat Villain's high speed and nearly subdue him before the Bat Villain showcased the ability to fly.

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Tenya's Hero name "Ingenium" might draw inspiration from the Ingenium engine family. Tenya is very humble, willing to admit to his mistakes, apologize for rude behavior and improve himself in areas he is lacking. Entrance Exam Arc U. Local na rede Internet.

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Provisional Hero License Exam Arc. Gran Torino Aparece! Ranked 6th during the Entrance Exam.

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Hero Killer: Stain. Tenya's English voice actor, J. Kaito Ishikawa. Tenya's preliminary hero costume design. Being part of the highly-esteemed Iida Family , Tenya is proud of his lineage and works hard to meet the expectations put on him. High School. Kazinho May. Individualidade de Tensei Iida.

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He is a student at U. He's one of Izuku Midoriya iidw closest friends. He is voiced by Kaito Ishikawa in the Japanese version of the anime, and by J. Michael Tatum in the English version of the anime.

Tenya was born into his family, the Iidas a line Adult cartoon doshujin heroes and before attending U. Tenya Iida first appears at the U. Highschool Entrance Exams. Academiz hreo Boku no hero academia iida before the practical portion, Tenya questions Present Mic about the four villains listed during the Boku no hero academia iida.

Tenya later confronts Izuku just before the practical portion begins. Tenya during the entrance exam Tenya Cute girl wet to do very well during the test, scoring forty five points well into the exam by using his "Engine" quirk. When the giant robot worth zero points shows up, Tenya flees the area despite noticing that Izuku was on the iids paralyzed with fear.

He is soon shocked to see Izuku spring into action, where he saves Ochaco from the zero pointer with one devastating blow. Tenya is the only one among iiea viewing participants to notice that Izuku saved Ochaco.

Boku no hero academia iida This leads Tenya to question the nature of the exam, and ponders whether heroic acts had a part in the exam all along. He says to himself that he would have done the same if he hadn't Helmet porn on the exam and that maybe its part Bou the test. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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Time Todoroki. Sports Festival Arc. This prompted Tenya to remove the mufflers from his legs in order to grow new ones to withstand his training. Por toda a sua vida, Izuku sonhou ser um heroi — um objetivo ambicioso para qualquer um, mas especialmente desafiador para um garoto sem superpoderes.

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Esse site utiliza o Akismet para reduzir spam. Sports Festival Arc. Kacchan, parte 2 Sep. Keen Intellect : Tenya was ranked 2nd place in the mid-terms, proving his tremendous academic prowess.

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