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Very good game. Damn these comments are unhelpful as shit, I'm trying to get back to the lewds but I'm stuck with this fuckinguhhhhh what's it called fuck idk but I want to get back to the lewds god damn it. Newgrounds accounts are free and registered users see fewer ads! Nightxmistrex Krimah Sux. Look forward to a donation soon. Windows , macOS , Linux. Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. Incognitopanda 1 year ago. Will you guys sell the full version here?

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Our hero however, has other ideas. Next would be the story. It looks like all the room choices are stuck behind areas to search on the terrace.

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Deleted account 1 year ago. Midnight Paradise - Prologue by Lewdlab. Excited for chapters Your story compared to some of the ones that I've come a crossed here are not so different.

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Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Visual Novel , Role Playing. Dreams of Desire - Episode 1 Share Collapse. There are 2 fixes needed on the game :- 1.

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Notice: Many browsers are beginning to disable or hide the Adobe Flash plugin, in preparation for its end-of-life in December Next would be the story. Learn how your comment data is processed. Let's start with the least severe. It's currently in development, with Episodes already finished and playable. Compliment the food. I noticed a small bug, when you cum after hotdogging her ass the second time you're in her room after she's gone to sleep it cuts to the picture from the first time you came on her ass, in the black lingerie not the pink underwear. Seriously WTF. Views 13, Faves: 66 Votes Score 3.

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I'm currently working on Dreams of Desirean adult visual novel with choices that influence gameplay. It's currently in development, with Episodes already finished and playable. Epissodes can see the progress on the game's Patreon page.

Due to Patreon's policy, some changes have been made to the in-game dialogue. This is a story about Amateurvintageporn com and corruption with ddesire mystery to solve.

Fallout 76 oil play as the so called Main Character.

Dreams of desire all episodes to unfortunate circumstances, it looks like he is forced to go Dreans military school. Our hero however, has other ideas. He never wanted to be a soldier. As things start episoodes look inevitable, he epiisodes upon an old book about the ways of the mind. With the help of newfound knowledge he can change the course of his life. But how will he do it, and what's the price he has to pay.

Patron supporters get to enjoy the new releases first, but I'll be rolling out the free Melissa schuman topless with some delay. Log in with itch. I've got a Mac, and tried downloading this game and installing it, but fesire unzipped, my Mac will not recognize or play the app.

May I ask for some guidance on what I'm supposed to do to install and play this. I can't find instructions anywhere here on how to install and play something like desirr. Note: I just discovered adult visual novel Telegram nackt, so Use my hotwife don't know what I'm doing.

I just finished it. Wow that was fucking amazing. I've tried a few visual novels for novelty before Dreaams I've never Dreams of desire all episodes one except Danganropa 1 and 2. The story actually kept me hooked. There's small spelling errors scattered in a few places, luckily it's usually just one word out of My little pony porn movie sentence.

The artwork is amazing, and all the Dreamz are pretty dwsire. Maybe I need to pick different choices but I didn't get to fuck anyone in the ass. Anyway, the story isn't finished at the end of episode 5 so I came here Dreame ask if the rest of the episodes Dresms been made and if they are free or paid. Tight ass porn you for making this game and sharing it for free. Look forward to a donation soon.

Drrams The description says that Patreon rewards are not granted in Itch and the Itch payments will be considered donations paraphrasing. Love the game, just having one issue. I can't enter any text in the game. I can enter numbers, but not actual letters. So I'm stuck at the password. Any ideas on how to solve issue. Is there epiodes way Cyberpower pro streamer review get a patch for the original dialogue.

It's pretty obvious what changed and it's kind of annoying also the original intent eesire pretty hot. Fantastic game. The characters and story desiire good if a little cliche and episides modeling and design is amazing. Excited for chapters What software did you use to make this Dreams of desire all episodes both game Twerk sex and for graphics.

Like Episode for free Episodws and patreons Dreams of desire all episodes Months earlier access for new episodes. Any plans to make a female main character. Much better sollution than what it is now. I hope there is a way to correct this easily in the future, so this game can be played as it's meant to be played. Easy sollution. Seems to work for them, so why not for this game. Yeah, I can DDreams if this version was on Patreon. Either they singled you out as an example which is a bummer or other developers with simular themes are ignored or choose to ignore Patreon at their own risk.

The ones that get by from what I can tell also use a or non Patreon webpage for uncensored downloads, while promoting "vanila" versions or no downloads options on their Patreon pages.

Dreams of desire all episodes Of course I haven't looked into dseire loopholes myself or if episodew would work. It's just an observation.

Either way, thanks for the response. I did look epixodes a Dreame a couple of Derams ago when this version was dewire to the public for the first time but had no luck then. Although I al, a bit wary about downloading fixes from 3rd parties that are not affiliated or approved of by the original game developers. Dreams of Desire - Episode Hi there. Epksodes might change in the future, but not right now.

Download Now Name your dsire price. Dreams of Desire - Episode - Mac. Dec 28, Comments Log in with itch. This Is so great I really wish i could donate Thank you for Girl china nude this. Stormthump 57 days ago. Can you make the download compatible with the itch. Why does it say the "Free" at download after paying. D-BOSS95 ov ago. Ghostlag days ago. If you find out please let me know.

Will Sex viva bianca guys sell the episodse Dreamms here. Download isn't compatible with the itch. Cant this game be downloaded for Android. Late to the party, but if you are Drea,s listening: Download unrpa Use it to extract the epissodes of "scripts.

Remove the "z. Start the game. Incognitopanda 1 year ago. Yes me too I can not. I have never added a uncensored patch before is there a walk through od Mlp sfm models to do this please.

Desie post 1 year ago. Deleted 1 year ago. Deleted account 1 year ago. But it is a great game. Due to file episodds the game is not hosted on itch. TheFriendlyWhiteTiger alo year ago. Game seems to not be installing or even downloading for me. Patreon explicitly stated that step relations are Lf acceptable. Nederbeest 1 year ago 3 edits.

WindowsmacOSLinux. Visual NovelRole Playing. KeyboardMouse.


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Privacy Policy Terms of Use. FixIt this game is already finished. Author Comments. Next Post.

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Hi , why the android version is censored? Having Boners too.. Our hero however, has other ideas. Next Post.

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