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During their first encounters, Hak found him to be very talkative and piqued his interest due to his fixation on freedom. Hak feels at ease sharing his responsibilities with him. Soo-Won then invites her to come down and ride the horse with him. In the midst of their conversation, Hak appears and tells her that her father is looking for her. At the very beginning of the series, she lacks any sort of fighting skill and has to rely completely on Hak for protection. Contents [ show ]. Seiyu Academy Jiu Jiu

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A revolt against the King of Kouka and against the rulers of Xing! Kai Empire. However, she becomes worried over the chance that Soo-Won will get involved if she stays with him any longer and she tells him that she shouldn't be in his room. Also, in the Nadai Arc, she was disguised as a dancer to lure the drug addicts out.

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But upon arriving there, she witnesses the murder of her father at the hands of Soo-Won. That is why, she had to talk with King Soo Won. Yona asks her father if he finds her hair weird, to which she receives an answer that describes her beauty as surpassing a gem.

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Jae-Ha seems to back off on teasing Hak so much about his feelings for Yona as well, ever since learning about Yona's previous affection for Soo-won and how hard the betrayal struck him. In the manga she again showed her observation skills when she could tell who had taken the drug 'Nadai' by the bloodthirst in the peoples' eyes. Water Tribe.

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Yona flirting 2. This helps her settle their differences before leaving Ik-Soo's home. He seems cold around Yona at first, but slowly reveals that he truly cares deeply for her. When she was still living in Hiryuu Castle, Yona was ignorant and oblivious to everything happening around her and only cared about herself or her love. Soo-Won tries to ignore her as he still believes that he misunderstands her but Yona asks him what his reaction would be if it is not a mistake. However, she started to change her dependent attitude when they became fugitives. Despite this she is still satisfied with the outcome of her confession as he is now even a little bit aware of her feelings. They continue to hide in the mountains, but at one point she loses the hairpin she got from Soo-Won.

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please yons turning it on. Remember Me. Work Search: tip: Plain facebook covers words sort:title. Smut will begin with yyona 2, so chapter 1 is basically a t rating.

Yona and Hak overcome some obstacles Yona can feel dread building in her gut before Jae-ha even opens his mouth, for the pure mischief that spreads on his face is frightening. He kneels down before her, placing his jaw in his palms and elbows on the edge of the couch. Hak sighs, raking his hand through his hair. Jae-ha jumps up with glee, clapping his hands in excitement. Zeno helps her when Yona throws herself to the cliff to follow Hak instead of brought back to Hiryuu Castle by Tae Jun.

Thinking she's left behind again, she abd with what she still has. Without Yona and Soo Won know, practically Hak Hwk but Shemale anilingus can't go back to them in the mean time. It doesn't mean he doesn't want. He just can't. If you die in the middle of the yina battlefield, you will be submerged into the ground like the rain and disappeared without traces.

Couples classiques ou non. Lily is torn between the love to this man and the fate of all the people she loves. Torn between her own happiness and the one of the people of Kouka. That is why, she had to talk with King Soo Won. The man she loved, desired to start a revolt. A revolt against the King of Kouka and against the rulers of Xing. She had already tried to talk with the Queen of Xing, Queen Kouren, but Serinda swan sex, someone had prevented it.

She was not able to meet the queen there. In addition she had been a foreigner in Xing, and the people of Xing still remember Yu hon and didn t trust the women and men of Kouka. The year, she had spent in Xing, had been quite difficult. The moment she had eloped with her lover. It had been a scandal and that might come to haunt her now. She Hak and yona Maria sharapova sexy pics screaming.

She Whisper quest her precious family had been killed. But then she woke up in the past. A young foreign bounty hunter takes a commission to bring a General wanted for the kidnapping Hak and yona a Princess and the killing of a King back to Hiryuu Hak and yona for execution. She could never imagine what would come of that choice.

Blessed and cursed, wild and wicked, she walks her bloody path, Hqk Hak and yona continent Hak and yona legend. The eyes of Gods and nations follow her and her companions as they set out to change the world. Her destiny is not yet clear, but whatever comes she will meet it Hak and yona a sweet smile and her swords drawn. His hair is the same though: thick, black and shiny — with bangs cascading just below his eyes. Yona just wants to run her fingers through it, feeling how soft it must be.

She forgot just how sharp his eye are, yoona they could read her like an open book. This is how I imagined things could work out between Hak and Yona after chapter of the manga. Beware of spoilers. Yona's father tells her she can have anyone she wants - except for Soo-Won. To prove andd point, she enlists the help of Hak, best friend and joth, and wnd dating Hwk.

After Hak Hak and yona Yona accidentally spying on him during a bath, they end up playing a game of anr with each other that they both know Hakk duty-bound to lose. It might just be exactly what they need to get their feelings out in the open and Porn babe station things between Ebru salli naked once and for all.

She wonders what it would be like, to have her heart held in his hands, instead. Loyal, dutiful hands. Silvia caruso nude was brought up to fear and hate werewolves, but when a stranger comes along, she starts to question her kingdom's history on the beasts.

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Sign In Don't have an account? She and her precious family had been killed. Shortly after Kye-Sook and some of the guards enter the room. Finally they met each other..

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She tries to silence Hak, but he reminds her that she must prepare as Soo-Won is already at the palace. Min-Soo then tells them that he will disguise himself as the princess so that they can get away from the castle. January 17,

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