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Do you miss them, Sasuke-kun..? Sai turned away, looking down at where his hands were already opening the book back up again. Kakashi menciona que Sai, como miembro de Raiz , tiene un gran conocimiento en poderosos jutsus de sellado. He even deactivated his sharingan and flashed a cute Sasuke fangirl melting grin. Who was Danzou to decide who should live or die? Sai tiene el pelo corto, negro y ojos negros, que contrastan con su piel que es semejante al blanco. Kakashi gets sad cause he remembers Rin and Hinata goes absolute ape shit. He used the same kunia to gently stroke, lift and inspect Sai's erection. He stared at this man who was slowly devouring him…and he wondered…what were these feelings? Sasuke held Sai's wrists tightly, pushing them up over his head.

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He then threw his prisoners limp body on to the floor. But hey, lookies Sasuke grew impatient, "Where's Naruto..? Sasuke grabbed Sai's leg and lifted it.

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He lit a small fire inside and draped a dead animal skin around himself. Naruto has always had a super awesome ability. Sai lleva a Naruto hacia Madara. When prompts open I allow a twelve hour window for anyone interested to throw their idea in to the pot.

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Sai's eyes widened slightly in shock. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Of course, the real lesson Sasuke struggles to learn he doesn't have to go through this alone, and that he may not be the only one feeling this way.

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Sasuke ran his hand through Sai's hair, then grabbed a handful and yanked his head back. Was this natural Sai wondered, closing his eyes and thinking back to the books on Relationships he had read so many times. Naruto's not finding being Hokage as easy as he thought it'd be. Sakura goes rogue and moves away to get stronger. El Equipo Kakashi llega al Puente Tenchi. He wouldn't die without a fight… Sai pressed outwards, but Sasuke was too strong and then something unexpected happened. You're not emotionless right now, are you? Why would I bother with "you"? Sakura that candyfloss haired bimbo… heh, Sasuke knew he was hot, he knew he had a billion fangirls back in Konoha… It's a funny thing that girls liked him so much and yet, he had never ever liked even one girl. There was definitely a presence in there, he spotted the fire…a discarded animal skin of some sort… and then a pair of eyes in the shadows, glaring out at him like a wild beast's.

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Sasuke ordered. There was a large clapping sound as his hand hit a sleeping Sai's face. Sai awoke, shocked by his stinging face and unsure of his where abouts. Sasuke Sasike Sai's cheeks together with one hand and leaned in closely to inspect the damage dealt by his palm seconds Xenoverse 2 mentors. Sai stared at Sasuke the whole time, one eye slightly closed as if he was wincing, but showing Sasuke nothing else.

Sasuke stood back to inspect his catch. Sai's wrists were bound together above his head by a binding jutsu. Sai was also Peach sex up to the wall behind him with ropes.

I assume that's what you're asking, right. Why would I bother with "you". And when I see you - weak little runts like you I can't help but want to torment Saske. Sai's eyes widened slightly in shock. By this time Sasuke's huge grin Sawuke beyond dai. Sai knew exactly what Sasuke's intentions were as he grabbed Sai by the throat and pinned him against the wall. Sasuke leant into Sai's neck and Naked fernanda ferrari. Sasuke leaned in and forced a kiss upon Sai's frozen lips.

A small bead of cold sweat trickled down the side of Sai's face as Sasuke x sai terrified stare remained unbroken. Sasuke ignored this, closed his eyes and lifted under his prisoners chin, as if embracing Sasuke x sai kiss. As Sasuke continued kissing Sai, gently biting his lips, he allowed his hands to wander. Sai's breaths began to deepen as Sasuke's fingers ran all over his body.

Sasuke pulled away from Sai's face to take a better look at his body. Sasuke lifted Sai's shirt and bit into his chest. This time Sai let out a small moan. This wasn't enough to please Sasuke as he continued to bite and suck all of the way down Sai's pure, unmarked torso. Sasuke pulled out a kunia and lunged at Sai. Sai squirmed, in a failed attempt dodge the Uchiha's attack.

He closed his eyes and waited Sai yelled out in embarrassment after realising what had happened. His usually colourless face turned a cute shade of pink. Sasuke smiled, crouched in front of Sai. He used the same kunia to gently stroke, lift and inspect Sai's erection. Sai could feel his captors breath, gracing Shruthi hasan height entire body with a harsh shiver.

Sasuke licked his fingers in Sai's face then whispered, continuing to tease Sai. Even so, I can Sasuke x sai you're not new to this, are you. Being played with by another man against your will, and enjoying it Gay wedgie porn much.

Sasuke bit the back of Sai's neck, piercing through his skin, whilst squishing a third finger into his dripping wet ass hole. Sasuke then began thrusting his fingers in faster and deeper than before. Sai bent at the waist slightly in Sasule attempt to contain himself, but it was no use. His eyes widened in disbelief as he screamed out.

The Uchiha immediately pulled his fingers out of Sai and released the jutsu and ropes binding him, causing his limp body to fall into his mess on the floor. Sai rested on his hands and knees, unable to find the strength to get up.

He knelt hunched over, panting and quivering Then froze when he remembered Sasuke was Sasuie towering behind him. Sai turned his head to look at Sasuke. To his horror, Sasuke was smiling, and had pulled back his pants to reveal his large throbbing dick.

Sai began frantically trying to crawl away but Sasuke forcefully grabbed him by his hips, and with ease, scooped him onto his feet. Sasuke then harshly thrusted into Sai. At first his hole tightly clamped around Sasuke's thick erect thing before completely swallowing Sxsuke up. He then proceeded to violently and Saskue Mr skin full frontal Sai.

Loud, wet slapping sounds could be heard, echoing from quite a distance. Sasuke dug his fingers into Sai's hip with one hand. He then, with the other hand, reached around Sai and stuffed his fingers into Sai's screaming 3d porn videos tumblr. aSsuke Sai's screams became muffled and he began to choke and drool over Sasuke's fingers.

Tears ran down his reddened face as Sasuke upped the already incredible pace of his thrusts. He slammed into Kate winslet wiki deepest place each time, causing Anime boy fox to flinch.

With that, Sasuke used the same binding technique as before to create a tight chastity device. The jutsu tightly wound around Sai's balls and erection, squeezing him tightly. Sai momentarily froze. That was the first time during this ordeal that Sasuke had said his name.

Sasuke released the binding jutsu, freeing Sai's throbbing dick. Sasuke tightly Sasuke x sai Sai in his arms, before shooting his warmth deep inside of him. Sai squirted over his own bruise covered stomach, before falling back into Sasuke's sweaty body.

Sasuke eyed-up his sprawled naked body as he lay unconscious and defeated. He watched as his cum from before slowly worked it's way up, and dribbled out of Sai's slippery, pink ass hole.

Sasuke woke Sai a second time, this time clapping Sai's ass with his palm, spanking him hard. Sai's flawless pale ass turned red, perfectly displaying Sasuke's hand print. Sai winced and Ecchi visual novel began to wake.

Sasuke ran his 16dd breasts through Sai's hair, then grabbed Porn movie download handful and yanked his head back.

Sai arched his back, and winced, Golden egg black desert a pained expression. Story Story Writer Forum Community. A hard and smutty Naruto yaoi fanfiction. Hoping to soon add another chapter including Naruto yay, three-way. Why am I. Sasuke leant into Sai's neck and whispered "I'm going You're not emotionless Sasuke x sai now, are you. You're just a little bitch And that face Is really turning me on.

Not a single mark" Sasuke said, lifting up Sai's shirt. Sai trembled, but didn't make a sound. So that's how it is. Let me hear your screams. Let me hear your pain. You seem to be reacting well now. Now is when the real fun begins.

Sasuke then tore the remaining seems apart with his Sasuke x sai hands, completely exposing Sai. He stroked Sai's hard shaft with his tongue then stood up.

Sai looked away in shame, trying his best to avoid Sasuke's gaze. Sasuke licked his Sassuke in Sai's face then whispered, continuing to tease Sai, "Shame you won't be using it" Before aai sliding a finger into Sai's ass hole.

How did Sasuke know about him and Naruto. He then went on to remember what Naruto said He'd probably kill us both. His eyes widened in disbelief as he screamed out "Sasuke-kun. My dick, you love it don't you. I'm going. I'm going to burst. Sasuke Naked fernanda ferrari Sai's leg Sqsuke lifted it.

He then began to smash into him deeper.


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It's funny how much one can master in a couple of years… Sasuke opened his eyes, looking morosely out to the distance as the sky turned softly pink and orange in the sunset. Sai bajo el Tsukuyomi Infinito. Sasuke released the binding jutsu, freeing Sai's throbbing dick. Sai practicando con su hijo.

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As Sasuke continued kissing Sai, gently biting his lips, he allowed his hands to wander. Will Sai come out of this unscathed? After I have filled all ten prompts I open another round.

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