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The reasons lie probably behind his appearance, as he is depicted as a beautiful boy, with messy pink hair and violet eyes, and his unique character. Ryuu Zaou is a second-year student at Binan High School. Super Long Hair loose. Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail. For starters, he tends to solve problems with violence, and he manages to bicker with all the members of his guild, in particular with Gray Fullbuster, who is his great rival and, ironically, wields the power of the ice. He is an arrancar, so by definition he has to be mean. They are, in general, also quite funny and they always manage to win our hearts. Have you ever wondered what is it about anime guys that makes them look so ridiculously cool? When Toyohi and Chiharu meet, for Toyohi is love at first sight. In fact, his hair is curly and long, and his long lashes frame beautiful blue eyes.

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Previous Articles. However, we can recall quite a few bald characters that are totally cool and epic. The pink-haired Kisumi Shigino is a cheerful character that, in spite his few appearances during the anime, is well-liked by everyone. Szayel Aporro is a character who is twisted, and sadistic at the core.

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Still, what these baldies lack on the top of their heads, they make up with strength and conviction. He is close friends with Makoto, since they attended junior high together. Aside from this, his friendly side shows up when he meets Rin for the first time. Hair Buns Topknots.

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He is hot-tempered, and always up for a fight, especially when dealing with Yuu, or Mitsuba — those two are as hot-tempered as him. Still, what these baldies lack on the top of their heads, they make up with strength and conviction. When he discovers that Nozomi is interested in Kei-chan, knowing Kei-chan's personality, he gets all flustered and upset by himself.

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He is willing to make Chiharu understand that he is sincerely interested in him as a person, not as a wizard. In general, characters with hair buns are fighters in one way or another even inside a volleyball court and have a strong determination. On the contrary, Mari shows him all her disgust, and she goes as far as to spit in his face. This hairstyle just gives them so much personality. In general, bald heads reflect a strong character and an unbreakable will also reflects wisdom and experience in older people. Have you ever wondered what is it about anime guys that makes them look so ridiculously cool? Afros will never be old-fashioned, especially in anime. The characters in this list, though, are all but sweet or girlish.

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License: Personal Use Only. Information - Animal Crossing Characters. Ragnarok Online Characters Png. Anime Character Transparent Background. Powered By Benq w1300 review Team. Free download. Popular PNG Searches: Anime boy with dreads happy web girl hair monster technology characters lunch Anime boy with dreads character internet Free strip games hairstyle pdf character reggae sauce jamaica wiht rasta.

Related PNGs. Its resolution is x and it is AAnime background and PNG format. The image can be easily used for any free creative project. To seach on Vippng.

. Anime boy with dreads

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He is a mage in the Fairy Tail guild, and wields the power of the flame. Anime Boys. Not at a first glance, at least. So much so that he can't bring himself to look at him in the eye, and keeps on escaping whenever he has a check-up appointment with Akari!

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We value your privacy. XD , and my other hobbies are writing, reading, playing volleyball, listening to good music and thinking about pointless things. Characters with blinding bangs are probably among the best looking males in anime.

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