Beer holding competition. Stein Holding Competition | Oktoberfest

Beer holding competition. Corpus Christi community celebrates Oktoberfest with stein-holding competition

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Mukwonago woman wins national beer-stein holding competition

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NEW YORK MarketWatch — If you think you can hold your beer, there may be a competition coming to your local beer hall that will give you a chance to prove it once and for all. Watch slide show: Beer-stein holding: an art, a science, a sport. The arm cannot be bent and must remain parallel to the floor. Any spillage spells disqualification. The winner is the last man, or woman, standing, arm outstretched and unbent, with full mug proudly aloft. Masskrugstemmen is perhaps easier to describe than to pronounce — or to do for any length of time. After a couple of minutes of mug holding, the shoulder muscles begin to burn, and gravity sees to it that the pain only gets worse, until shaking occurs and the arm drops.