Jupiter images from juno. Media Gallery | Mission Juno

Jupiter images from juno. MEDIA GALLERY

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NASA's Juno Spacecraft Just Sent Back A Stunning Photo Of Jupiter's Mysterious Giant Jet-Stream

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Late last week Doran and image processing collaborator Brian Swift posted other shots, including one that shows a cloud that looks suspiciously like a dolphin diving through the clouds. So, if you were to board a spaceship and take a peek out of the window at Jupiter, would you see beautiful cloud dolphins, bright white ovals and the Van Gogh-like swirls that NASA has published in the last few years? Not quite. That process used to be done in-house by NASA, which would release images from its missions months after receiving the data. But for the Juno Mission, NASA is releasing the raw data directly to the web where a community of amateur image processors can manipulate it and post their work to the mission website within days or even hours of receiving it, as Marina Koren at The Atlantic reports. And the stakes are low, Koren reports that the mission of the JunoCam instrument—unlike other equipment aboard the probe—is to simply take pretty pictures, though scientists may use them for some research projects.