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Ludacris foot fetish. Ludacris's 'Foot Fetish' Determines Who He Dates

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Is your mate a foot freak? Five signals he might have a foot fetish

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Ludacris has a thing for feet. Some of these feet are attached to A-listers like Ivanka Trump, Whoopi Goldberg and Emma Stone, but the vast majority of them are C- and D-list feet submitted by a global network of users who pull them from public sources like social media, magazine covers, film stills and Google Images. This became clear a few weeks back when what appeared to be a nude of New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vaping in the bath surfaced on Reddit and 4chan. Foot fetishists, it appeared, had saved the day. She tells me she started letting people worship her feet during her first year of college after her friend suggested she give it a try.