Olympics for elite warriors. Andre Iguodala compares Warriors to U.S. Olympic team – OlympicTalk

Olympics for elite warriors. Andre Iguodala compares Warriors to U.S. Olympic team

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Chinese Special Forces Take 1st Place at ‘Elite Warriors Olympics’ – Dr. Rich Swier

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The 6th Annual Warrior Competition have concluded, this event had 33 teams representing 19 nations from around the globe. No other U. They tested skills in areas like sharpshooting, hand to hand combat, building breaching automotive pursuit and evasion, medical extraction and long distance marching. The Warrior Competition winners are:. First place: China represented by the Snow Leopard Unit. Third Place: Jordan, Royal Guard. It is important to note, however, that many top special operations units were not present at this training competition including notable US and Russian forces presently active on operations and that the kind of skills tested in the Warrior Competition form only part of special operations and counter-terrorism capabilities.