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Roadhog gas mask. Roadhog mask - Overwatch game 3D print model

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Roadhog - Overwatch Wiki

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Here he is… Elegant, classy, hooky karl-lagerfeldx Dang, hit the wrong button. He would probably have some scarring from the Omnium explosion, definitely some sunken eyes going on, and if he wants to keep what little Integrity his gas mask as he would probably be clean-shaven since facial hair would not allow his mask to seal properly. Yes please! Are you referring to the police sketch compilation thing? Idk I saw a picture that looked like concept art but that might be fan art now that I think about it. They did have a concept art in the art book where they literally were toying with the idea of making his face look like a mutated pig face but they did scrap that idea and made it a mask instead.