White american alsatian. American Alsatian Dog Breed Information and Pictures

White american alsatian. The Schwarz Kennels

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American Alsatian Breed Standards — The Schwarz Kennels

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In the wild, animals must survive by hiding, blending into the enviroment and being keenly aware of everything. Knowing this and putting everything together in her mind, Lois has come up with what the Dire Wolf must have looked like. Put that together with the exact measurements of the bones found in the La Brea Tar Pits and you have a pretty close resemblance of the extinct Dire Wolf! Because wild animals can not fit into our life style here in America Lois has bred only loving, kind and mild tempermented dogs. With outcrossing every now and then, Lois has driven down the physical and mental disabilites found in all our pure bred dogs today. Dogs are domesticated and no one should bred any domesticated animals with wild animals, it defeats the purpose of being domesticated.